Is It Wrong To Be Mad At a Friend For Having Feeling For You?

I have a really good friend named Tom and in the beginning of our friendship I had a mini crush on him. I've been seeing another guy and I mentioned it to Tom. A few days later Tom tells me he likes me. I'm flattered and I remember how I felt when I had crush on him, but I tell him that I'm interested in someone else.

After a few weeks things go back to normal between me and Tom... but then he asks me on a date. Again I remember those feelings and accept the date. Maybe if I give him a chance I would know for sure if I still had feelings for him.

So we go on date and well... Aside from him paying for dinner it felt just like two friends joking around and having a good time. Not to mention I felt uncomfortable going on date while being involved with someone else (even though me and the other guy aren't exclusive yet).

During the date I asked Tom when he started to have feelings for me. He told me has liked me the whole time we have been friends and was attracted to me because of my looks.

I was instantly angry because I feel like our friendship has been a lie since he has had ulterior motives. He had PLENTY of opportunities to make a move. We've studied late together, gotten drunk at a bars, explored new restaurants, and even work out together! I mentally replayed all the times he offered to help me when I was struggling/vulnerable... now I feel like he was only offering in order to get closer to me. He knows things about me that I would have never told someone I was interested in romantically. Now by going on a date with him I feel like I've ruined our friendship... and that makes me so fucking sad.

So now I don't know what to do. Tom is already integrated in my life. We have class together and I see him at gym. He is one my best friends and I messed it up. I'm also just pissed that he couldn't keep it to himself! Why would he tell me, ruin our friendship, and jeopardize my feelings for the other guy I'm seeing.
I'm so confused right now... please help...
Is It Wrong To Be Mad At a Friend For Having Feeling For You?
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