Why does my bestie since Kindergarten always have something nasty to say about my love life?

It started just during these past 2-3 years. I don't know what her problem is. She's like my sister, so I can't not love her. It's just whenever I try to talk to her about my love life she has something negative to say, about me, about the other person, and/or about the whole situation. Basically, she tries SO hard to keep me from falling in love, basically saying no guy is worth my unconditional love and care EVEN when I'm dating them. She says a guy should always like me more than I like him and that he should chase me, not the other way around. She did it again last night when I tried to talk to her about my current romantic situation where my unofficial guy recently left the state and we've been keeping in touch. She asked me when I might be seeing him again, so I SIMPLY answered that he and I talked briefly about one of us going to see each other, and the single thing she had to say was "he's gotta come to you, don't be the one to go to him." I wanted to snap at her but held my tongue, because I know it's not even worth it. She actually didn't have much to say when I told her last time that I kissed him goodbye (it was our first and only kiss). I don't know what's triggering this overreactive feminist inside her, but it's SO annoying and plain hurtful. I'm here missing someone who means a lot to me every single day, and that's all she's got to say about it. My other best friend is a guy and another female best friend is busy at med school, and sometimes she's the one I want to talk to, but we can't have a single conversation without her making me feel worse than I already do about him being gone. WHY is she like this? She's never dated because she's shy and a study-holic (the latter said in a good way) and she doesn't have any guy friends, yet she seems to have SO much to say about my situations with guys. At first I assumed it was just because she loves me and is being protective, but now it's just plain hurtful when she says these things.
Why does my bestie since Kindergarten always have something nasty to say about my love life?
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