How do I “prepare” for my moms death from cancer?

My mom has had throat cancer for 5 years it’s progressively gotten worse with chemo and she had to stop working. Idek who she is anymore when I see her. Her and my dad are divorced but he’s taking it pretty hard we all are. But there’s 3 of us between my brother and sister both in senior and junior year of college. And I moved away and started a new job my dad has kind of taken over with helping because I was really overwhelmed. The doctor told us all today to prepare and that she has the max a year of that. It’s not fair I don’t understand how someone else can determine how long they have to live it’s not fair. I was venting more than a question 😞 my mom isn’t even 50 and she doesn’t deserve to die.
How do I “prepare” for my moms death from cancer?
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