Should feel guilty about this?

My exgirlfriend and I decided to dye my hair on a whim. We got the supplies, went to her house and began. It came time to rinse the dye out and we did in her tub, at her suggestion. She even gave me a shirt to wear so I didn't have to worry about getting my clothing dirty.

I rinsed my hair out and the dye obviously was getting in the tub. I used a pitcher to remove excess dye from other parts of the tub, but alas, it still stained the tub. I eventually took the shirt off as it was kind of getting in the way and she told me to leave it in the tub, which I did. I haven't dyed my hair since I was quite young, and my sister did that. She dyes her hair quite frequently.

we finished up and I left. The next morning she tells me I stained her tub. I apologized and explained that I did rinse it, but it still stained. I guess I had been under the impression that she would be aware of the aftermath that would be left in the tub. I offered to clean it up and she didn't get back to me. At the time, she didn't seem upset. The next day she brings it up again. I again offered to clean it. She explains that this wouldn't be a problem if I had rinsed the tub and she was upset that I left the shirt in the tub too. I now realized that she was upset and I began and still do feel really bad and guilty. She later texted me to forget about it because she cleaned it.

I'm not the kind of person that allows others to clean up after me. I have no problem owning up to anything I do. A part of me says that I've done everything I could, apart from letting her know at the time it happened. Another part of me feels like I should do something more because I feel awful about it. We have a rocky relationship, but are trying to be friends and it's been going alright as of late, but I'm cautious of doing the wrong thing.
Should feel guilty about this?
Should feel guilty about this?
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