Is it weird to still hug my dad at 21?

My dad is 54 and I'm 21, I've always been very close with my dad and had a great relationship with both parents, they raised me and my siblings extremely well and gave us so much so appreciate it.

I often hug my mum and tell her I love her not so much now I have a boyfriend I will amit but I rarely hug my dad now I'm adult unless he sees me upset, I'm very much a mummy and daddy's girl and come from a very loving family.

I still call my mum, mama at time but my dad tells me off if I call him daddy and dada now and tells me to grow up and it's creepy now I'm a grown woman. Sometimes I can be really harsh on him in the mornings when he wakes me up as I hate mornings. I left really bad about it and gave him a cuddle a min ago but he told me not to as its creepy at my age so I said "ill give you a christain side hug instead" and that made him giggle but I see nothing wrong in being affectionate with my dad sometimes obviously things are different with a grown daughter and father then it is with a mother but I don't see why a hug would be creepy.

I used to get picked on a little at work for being close with my dad and admittimg he's one of my best friends, they used to say I had daddy issues and I know some still say it now I have a older boyfriend whose 26 but I don't see that as a big deal. The only creepy people are the ones who see something inappropriate in being close with their dad
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I asked my dad about it the other day and he says it's because he's not a affectionate person and isn't used to being hug by people anymore at his age. He did have a tough up bringing even though he was very much a mummy's boy till my grandmother died unfortunately a couple years back but my late grandad was very hard on him so he's not really used to the affectionate father figure type
Is it weird to still hug my dad at 21?
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