Is this woman a horrible mother?

Gisela is 27 years old. Her father died when she was 15 and she had her first abortion at 16, then got pregnant again. She planned to get another abortion but her friends shamed her, called her evil, and told her how having two abortions is too many so she kept the baby and named him Jerry. Jerry's father left the picture when he was 6 months old. Gisela was in and out of homelessness, dated a ton of different dudes, and even sold herself for money a few times. Jerry grew up seeing this, it made him angry but he always made sure to keep a smile on his face and be nice to every new man she dated. Every week it seemed to be a new man, but Jerry tried his best. He learned how to cook, clean, dress himself, stay safe around strangers, and walk home alone at a very young age. Gisela often told Jerry he was selfish, ungrateful, a bad kid, and whenever he cried she said that big boys don't cry, stop bothering me with your issues. She also called Jerry a big baby whenever he cried or had an accident. When Jerry tried to talk to his mother and she was annoyed, she'd pinch his nose and he went away.
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Is this woman a horrible mother?
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