What would you do?

I'm a 15-year-old girl whos pretty fucked up. I've felt sad for 3 years now, emotions like crazy, my parents say its hormones but I don't know, I cut myself like 70 times in September. my mom saw last week she saw my scars and I told her its bc I felt sad she sat there and said I was full of shit and was doing it for attention, so I had to lie to her about what's wrong, and my dad threatened to send me to jail for being an unruly child bc I ran away I February. bc I felt trapped bc my mom was screaming at me and was hitting me, she does it when she's angry, an example last Sunday I accidentally chipped my little sister's tooth and my stepdad and he wouldn't stop hitting me. I told my school in 5th grade but my parents said they don't hit me and I had to lie so they didn't hate me. I can't talk to my mom about how sad I am because she says I'm full of shit and doing it for attention, and my dad I hardly ever see him and when I do he makes the situation about him and not me. Every time I go to his house with his new wife they always argue about me and I get into arguments with them. My stepmom I never see her anymore bc my dad left her but i still call her my mom. My dads' wife tells my dad everything and he makes it about him. my stepdad doesn't care about the stuff like that. I don't know what to do I feel alone, and if I tell someone my parents will tell them I'm doing it for attention and will be mad at me, I need help, I'm scared ill be dead in a tub at 16. Every time I try to make myself and my life better my parents or someone else hurt me and send me down the dead in a tub at 16 path. I want help but I don't know what to do... Please give me your best advice I don't know what to do anymore. : (
What would you do?
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