Guy friend was rubbing his junk on me at the bar?

He was high and tipsy, and I was too, but I was still aware of what he was doing. It was me, my friend, him, and his two friends at the bar sitting in a circle enjoying our time. My friend met him on a dating app, but only sees him as a friend and she has told him she is not interested many times. He also knows that I have a boyfriend. So he was making moves on my friend all night, and I think because she wasn't responding to his advances, he went near me and started getting really close and even told me "I do stupid things when I'm high" or something like that to I guess warn me on what he was thinking. Mind you, I think this guy is cool and he's an awesome friend to have. I kind of feel we have a brotherly sister bond going on. So when he started doing that to me, I froze up and I didn't want to offend him or make a scene. After I got up to get a cup of water, he stopped and everything went back to normal, but I can't stop thinking about what happened. I don't know if I should tell my friend what happened... He's becoming someone close to us and we have been almost hanging out every weekend together and i dont want that to beruined. But i can't get over what he did. Is this a normal thing guys just do or was this something i should be concerned about?
guys do it all the time
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Guy friend was rubbing his junk on me at the bar?
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