Have You Ever Had A "We're Adults Now" Moment?

I had one with my best friend last Friday😂:

Basically, my teacher wasn't here so I went and sat in a corner and did the work myself, then I'd finished and texted my best friend seeing if she was busy- she wasn't so we decided to meetup near my college. Then both of us realised we forgot our lunch so we headed to McDonalds because that's what we could afford.

Me: I remember when I was a kid I always got so excited about the toy in happy meals.

Her: Same here. I should've got a happy meal instead of a coffee.

Me: I used to love the little dog toys.

Her: I used to collect them- but I don't know what happened to them now.

Me: Same I lost mine. I remember when I used to come here with my mum and little brother, and I'd always see the teenagers hanging out and chillin' and whatever and I used to look at them and think "they're big kids" but if you think about it now- that's us.

Her: Hahaha, yeah- I mean look at all these little kids here with their families and stuff and how small they are.

Me: We're the big kids, we're adults now.

Her: 😂😂We're at McDonalds without our parents so we're adults!

Me: Yeah, basically😂😂

That was our "we're adults now" moment- (we don't actually think we're adults lol we were just joking😂) but have you ever had that moment? If so do you mind sharing it?😂
Have You Ever Had A Were Adults Now Moment?
Have You Ever Had A "We're Adults Now" Moment?
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