Was my younger cousin really a psychopath?

Both of us are now adults (she's now 20 and I'm 24) and we're spending more time together. I've always wondered if her diagnosis at the time was accurate. She was diagnosed with conduct disorder with psychopathic tendencies and institutionalized at age 10. Then she was released 6 years later.

She was detained for serious bodily harm and torture on 2 younger boys, arson and several animal cruelty charges. However, given these things about her was she really psychopathic?
- She did cared about her friend in crime at the time. That's the only friend she had and sometimes referred to her as a sister. She's an only child.
- She explained how she once wanted to be good when spending the weekends with her father but anger took over and hence the destructive urges started again.
- She only bullied and beat smaller, younger boys, not girls. I'm guessing this was her displacement anger towards drunk pedophiles that molested and more than likely raped her too.
- She was crying in the interrogation room, threwing herself towards her father (not the mother) for comfort and requesting to go back home.
- She currently expressed full remorse for her actions back then and they do seemed genuine.

From the looks of it, that doesn't sound like someone psychopathic. It looks like a former angry, abused, troubled girl. She still had the ability to bond and empathasize. Even if it was very limited, that's different than if someone had ZERO abilily to bond/emphasize. That means she wasn't psychopathic.
I'm not a psychologist but if getting helped rehabilitated her then she doesn't fit the category of a psychopath. A true born psychopath wouldn't bond with anyone and no amount of therapy would fix them. They wouldn't be expressing remorse either. What do you think?
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Was my younger cousin really a psychopath?
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