Should I ever try to reach out to my "ex" bestfriend?

She and I met through our older sisters who are very close friends. We each live in different states and places now, but I do still see her sister when we plan a travel trip w my sister every few months or year. Anyway, my friend and I have been super close friends since I was 11 or 12 and she is 3 years older, when I was 15 I moved overseas. She also moved a bit closer after a year, and we visited each other once a year. But we stayed in touch daily almost up until I was 23 she had met this guy she was serious with, and cut everyone off for a big, me and her family!! The reason is bc she "disagrees" w them on things or how they act, believe. They also didn't like her guy and voices their opinions, I didn't. She is now on good relations w her family again, but not me. Of course i know her sister has been reaching out to her and trying, even paying her and her husband's full rent. PAnd the reason is bc she thought I didn't like her husband. She spent a year maybe telling me my man is not good for me and got mad when I didn't listen. She just wanted to pick fights. And then one day she said If you dont like my husband you can't be in my life (she just had a feeling. I never said that), I tried to stay calm but she was just so rude, especially holding a year plus of her moodiness and accusing me of things. So I blew up, and told her why I dont like him. And she said omg fuck you and blocked me. Months later my grandpa died and I believe it was her, she messaged me condolences and that's it. She cut me off October 2018.
Should I ever try to reach out to my "ex" bestfriend?
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