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A mother has three children. All are grown now, between the ages of 25-35. One child left the hellish chaos to start their own life when still a teenager. One constantly got into trouble with the law and hurt people, somtimes severely; and never stayed home or offered any type of assistance. And one was a pain at school often fighting, and always argued with the mother, some times even ran away for a bit; yet worked since a young age to help the family and never left no matter how much they wanted to.

Now here is my question:
One is in prison for rape and yes that individual is guilty, even the family agrees. That individual is almost through with their time and has been moved to a low security prison. Though through the whole time, has been reciving a great sum of money from the mother monthly.

And one has been unjustly given a debt of 1000 dollars to pay off, due to a mistake in paperwork and staff not wanting to admit to their mistakes. *several people agree it is the staffs fault for this debt*.

If you had the money to help, and were the mother of said individuals; who would you help? If any.
Help the one in prision
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Help the one with debt
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Neither, dont give money to either. They are grown and can care for themselves.
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Which would you support?
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