Should I sell my daughters car or transfer the title into her name? She’s bipolar, not actively seeking treatment? She can’t keep a job?

My daughter is 19 going to be 20 years old soon. She is currently not working and not seeking employment. She is bipolar and not actively seeking treatment. She can’t hold a job for more than 3 weeks. She was unemployed from April-October this year because nobody would hire her. Here she is again unemployed. She is currently on our car insurance for my old car (2013 Lexus). She HATES driving. She didn’t get her license until earlier this year. We live in a region where you need to drive to get anywhere. Rural suburbs. Public transport doesn’t come out this far. She paid her insurance twice this year. It’s $150 extra a month. The rest of the time we paid for her and she neglected to give us the money. Her bank account has been overdrawn several times to manic spending which I’ve also had to pay for that as well. Her car literally just sits out there. It’s winter here and the car won’t start now because the battery is dead, probably because it hadn’t been used in about a month. I’m wondering if I should pay for the battery to get fixed and transfer the title and she can find her own insurance or completely sell the car all together. I don’t know if after the first of the year (when her health insurance kicks in) if she’s going to actually get help for her mental issues (she said she will but a lot of things are just lip service with her) or just continue to sit around my house. I know she can’t hold a job for very long and refuses to go to school. I am a nurse practitioner and I’m very busy at the moment, I don’t have time to constantly hover over her. My husband is busy with his job as well. My husband thinks she has the mentality of a 12 year old and is very incapable of acting like an adult. She screams and throws tantrums like a toddler over any little thing. She said she doesn’t understand basic finances or anything adult related things even though I’ve gone over this with several times, she never listens.
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When she was a teenager the psychologist said the age regression thing is normal for borderline/bipolar disorder but her IQ is normal for someone in her age range. She’s not below average and she’s not on the spectrum.

I think we should sell it because she barely drives as is, it’s a financial burden since she doesn’t want to take responsibility for it, and she said she doesn’t care if she has a car or not (which indicates she probably won’t seek help and just continue to sit around my house a
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My husband however wants to give her the benefit of the doubt and thinks we should keep it because then she won’t have a car Incase she wants to seek help or get a job and there’s no way she can get a loan (her credit is so bad) and he doesn’t want to drive her to her appointments.
He also thinks it’s will be a great thing for responsibility because she will have to pay the insurance monthly for it or she won’t have insurance and if she wrecks without insurance... dear god.
Should I sell my daughters car or transfer the title into her name? She’s bipolar, not actively seeking treatment? She can’t keep a job?
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