Would You Ever Adopt A Friend😂?

This isn't a serious question folks, so don't take it seriously😂

Why I'm asking is a conversation in class that happened between me and a couple of my friends (we'll call the M and H)- it started with talking about how late our bus always is😂

Me: "Well I was suggesting we should have just hitched a ride with a randomer😂"

M: "What and then they realise what they've done and just drop you both in the middle of nowhere?😂"

Me: "And I call my parents just like... *puts on a scared voice* 'Dad'?"

M: "Just having to explain that to your parents?"

H: *out of nowhere* Spidey's trying to steal me.

Me: "Steal you from what? Your parents?😂"

H: "... Yeah."

Me: "No offence H, but I wouldn't wanna adopt you."

H: *looks at me offended* How dare you, how horrible are you? I've just spent all this time drawing you this cute little picture as well!"

The picture: *is a line on Microsoft Paint*

Me: *laughs at the picture* No wonder your parents want me to ✌️steal✌️ you. Imagine if you could actually adopt your friend though or someone your own age😂😂

H: 😢😢😂😂

So, my answer was "no" what would your answer be?
Would You Ever Adopt A Friend😂?
Would You Ever Adopt A Friend😂?
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