Growing up, did your mom/parents cook a meal for you every night?

every time i’ve been to my friends houses, their moms always cooked a meal for dinner. this surprised me to my core, because it wasn’t just a frozen meal they threw in the oven, or throwing a packaged meal in a pot until it cooked. it was them actually taking the time, to buy fresh veggies and other things, and make a home cooked meal. every single night ! and then for school, my friends would always be eating leftovers from the night before. actual homecooked, and good food.

but for me this wasn’t the case. if my mother EVER cooked (which she rarely did) it wouldn’t be anything homecooked. It would be something from a frozen package that she’s just quickly throw in the oven or make in a pot. it would be nothing that had enough nutritional value, and eating a balanced meal was never something that i knew. i was aware how unhealthily my entire family ate. and it angered me, because even though i would voice my opinions and feelings about it, everyone else was completely fine with the way we were living. and whenever i’d bring it up to my mom, she’d start yelling at me and bringing my dad into it saying “you only think that women are supposed to cook every day to be the perfect wife because that’s what your fucking dad thinks”.

are moms supposed to cook every day? are they supposed to at least help a little bit to prepare their child’s food for school the next day or at least send them with leftovers? i never had help preparing my lunch and getting a balanced meal for school, probably since i was 5 years old. we never had fresh fruits and veggies in the house really. and we never had anything for lunch except for bread with maybe a slice of processed cheese, or a pb&j sandwich, which my siblings and i would quickly throw together the morning before school. so am i the only one who has had to deal with this? and now i am worried because i have a son myself, but it’s not like i was ever given the example of how to cook at all, and i don’t want to end up like my mom.
Growing up, did your mom/parents cook a meal for you every night?
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