II have a serious issue and need help?

yesterday my mom was taking me and my sisters to our grandmothers house and got maf at me and lashed out on me out of tthe blue claiming that i threw her headscarf on the floor of the car. I didn't, and kept insisting that i didn't, but she kept yelling and the more she did, the more i did. She finally stopped the car and said since you want to argue, get out of my car. So i get out, damn near in the middle of nowhere and there's only a church nearby. So i go sit on the church steps and wait until the sun comes up and i walk home taking me about a hour. When i got home my mom saw me and forcibly told me to get in the house. I said no, so she said if you dont get off my property i will report the police for trespassing. I live there. She also said that im crazy and if i didn't come in she would call the police and tell them that she would tell them i made an attempt to commit suicide. Crazy shit. My bro ended up picking me up and taking me to my grandmas and i had fun there and felt at ease and comfortable talking to my grandparents unlike my own parents. I tried calling my dad and he pretty much blamed me for everything saying i needed to apologize to my mom. But she won't apologize to me. I need to talk go them about our relationship and this situation but my dad is being uncooperative. I have no idea if i should just go live with my grandparents or stay with my parents
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Should i make an attempt to talk to my parents? And thats even if they dont want to
II have a serious issue and need help?
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