Why do almost all women hate their fathers?

I have noticed a disturbing trend of most women simply not caring when their fathers are diagnosed with a terminal disease, die, or disappear. An acquaintance of my, her father recently died of pancreatic cancer and all she cared about was her inheritance.

Another woman I know lumps her father in with "all the other idiot men". These are just a few examples but reading various articles, comments, and overhearing conversations; it seems to me that most women either don't value or actively despise their fathers. Why is this?
I will be glad the day my father dies.
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I am indifferent about my father, I don't care if he lives or dies.
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I pretend to like my father, but really I don't care about him.
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I will be sad when my father dies.
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Why do almost all women hate their fathers?
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