Help me Solve my three big problems in life?

Hoping you won’t judge into my situation. I need your advise on each problem 🙁

Number 1: my Family: lack of trust, controlling
- when I was a kid i have been controlled until now i turned to be 25. My family control who i work with, who i friend, who i boyfriend. They also embarrassed me if i do mistakes. They wanted to appeared good to people and making me look lame to others. They decide and make choices for me. . As long as I am under their roof they can control me and their money. Question is what should do into this situation?

Number 2: my Work: I have total of 3 years working Experience. My most recent company has been involved to my family problems. When my family didn't like my first boyfriend, they isolated me like hell in the house that results of almost termination in work. Good thing is i managed to escaped and explained everything to my company. Some believe and some dont. I was not terminated but i am full of talks because of the scandals my family made in office. They face my manager, hr and even workmates making me a bad person. They problem is, everyone is talking about me and majority are avoiding me now. Hence, i eat alone, an outcast and bring down. I want to transfer to new company but i am afraid my family will do it again to my new boss/colleagues. What shall I do?

Number 3: Boyfriend
i found out my boyfriend is staying with other woman in another city after my family harrassed him to get killed. He is a poor guy, no money, sick and no house after his friend left him. I gave him everything. I recently broke up with him but sometimes he still chat me and wanted to see me again. He misses me he said. What shall i do? Should i still believe him or no more?
Help me Solve my three big problems in life?
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