Have anyone been in such situation with their dad?

My father Has been emotionally abusive towards my devoted beautiful mother. . she started with him when he was still poor. But once he started earning a lot of money he became very thrifty and started chains of lies from claiming that he is very poor. To pretending to be very ill. To traveling away for days without letting us know where he is. (He just disappears). He runs from any confrontation by falling asleep while talking to us (acting) or shouting horribly at me claiming that i am causing him a lot of pain when i ask him why he doesn’t even shop for groceries anymore for the family. My mom needed a surgery on her feet he refuses to do it now she can't walk anymore.

One time i caught him with another woman and i found out he is married to her and this woman is telling him to treat us like this and leave us, but i can't believe why any father would treat his children poorly for a lover.

he says that he want to go to sleep and kicks me out of the room then he spends all night awake talking to the other woman on the phone. He bought her diamond rings and earrings and refuses to pay for my mom’s surgery. Or basic maintenance for our house.
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And by basic maintenance i mean we didn’t have even clean or hot/warm tap water in the house , because he refused to pay for the plumber even taking a shower was a problem. And after a lot of fights he agreed to let the plumber fix the heater for the water. While he was planning to buy a Mercedes car for his other wife
Have anyone been in such situation with their dad?
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