Would you circumcise your baby?

A Canadian friend of mine who's about to give birth, told me that she was going to have her baby circumcised. Although I didn't say anything, this bothered me alot, mostly because her decision was not based on any informed opinion but just, "well every man I've known was circumcised."

I'm not going to say anything to her, I'll let her and her husband choice how to bring up their child; but why is circumcision so popular in America?

The reason I'd say not to circumcise a baby are-

-wanking, why choice to make it hard for your kid to wank, hand cream, and soaks?

-cost, they have to pay their money to have this done

-no turning back, the kid can decide themselves when their older to have a circumcision but they can't decide to re-grow a foreskin

-health, its an operation that can go wrong, why create a risk.

Just to clarify, if you're Jewish or Muslim, then obviously there's a religious obligation/reason for circumcision, so I'm not questioning those groups (my friends are from a christian background.)

Would you circumcise your baby? And why?
Would you circumcise your baby?
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