Confused. need advice?

gonna try and make this as short as possible. a year ago me my older brother and my mom moved abroad. my dad got left behind because they're separated. I planned on finishing school here and basically live my life here for good. but im a terrible daughter and my mom is tired of my shit. she's been telling my cousin it would be totally fine If I went back home and continue studying there. I ignored it when my cousin told me. me and my mom argue a lot. almost every time we argue she tells tells me why dont I just go back home. the last time we argued I made up my mind. called my dad and asked him if I could go home and he didn't hesitate to say yes. my dad was glad to hear about it and already plans about me going home.

I told my mom that I am going home (finally), then she fucking cries in front of me asking why im leaving her. I dont fucking know how to feel about all of this. I just raised my dad's hopes up. my mom can't make up her mind wether she wants me out or fucking not.

I was never planning on going home until I've heard my mom saying it one last time, it made me realize "why the hell am I here anyway? im not happy here. the rest of my family and all of my friends are back home. why am I pretending to be stuck here when im really not".

I want to go home but at the same time I feel like it isn't the best thing to do. a friend told me its absolutely a good thing if I went back home. another friend told me she thinks its best if I finish studying here.

I dont even care if it seems like im overreacting here I overreact on a lot of things
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I've tried asking two of my closest friends' advice and each of them literally gave me opposite advice, so im still as confused until now. maybe somebody here could help me>?
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my mom do try to make us happy, at least when we're not arguing. she knows how lonely it can be staying here. when I told her about going home she says its best not to, knowing that graduating here changes a lot for my future and that I will miss a lot of good opportunities if I leave this country. its also why im not certain on what to do, despite knowing that I want to go home to my home country. Its the hurtful words my mom say that makes me want to leave. I was gonna stay despite how lonely.
Confused. need advice?
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