My sister just told me that in my house we are ignorants, What should I do?

In my house , my brother, my mom and me live together (my dad passed away 6 years ago) so now even if my brother and I are mid age people we are here for my mom. Anyway neitehr my bro or me have kids or married.

With all of this health crisis the world ins living now. We have an older sister who I dont know if it an age thing or she had became paranoid and she is getting panic phases for moments. I alo im scared but by her being paninc I also get panic and stressful. My sister does not live in teh house she is married and live with her husband in her own house of course. Since oru mom is an elder of course our concern is more for this crissi Im aware of that. But for some reasons my older sister believes my brother and I are not takinc care wll of mom during the crisis. So she lecture my brotehr and I over text almost everyday abnd ask us if we are following the governmetn procedures and guidelines to protect each other, like not going out, wash our hands, sanitize areas at home, etc. My brotehr, my mom and I are aware of this of course. We are not going out, my mom is not diabetic or cardiac but she is an older lady and of course we are taking care of her while we are at home. She had not been going out for the past week. My brother and I are the ones who go out of the house to buy some groceries taht we need at home.

My sister believes we are not doing enough., so she lcture my brotehr and I everyday and tell us what to do to keep mom safe. I mean every mintue she fills us with guideline over text, I means it is stressful every minute to hear her lecturing us, the more she does it the more stressful I get. My brother tells me just ignore her, she had became a little paranoid. But what I dont like is her assumign we dont take care of mom that she need to teach us how things are done, and she does not even live at home. For instance she advice us not to even go out to buy groceries beause is risky and if we go out she told us stay in the market the least amoutn
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ime possible because we coul bring the virus home. I mean she is true on that and we are aware of it, but so far the times we had gone to the market the market is not crowded and I have kept my social distance and after I return home I wash my hands also my brother. I mean is way overwhelming, the more I listen to her or erad her text the mroe I become anxious and with more fear. My sister maybe believes our mom is going to die if she is nto taken caren well and she is really frightned that
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is going to happen if my brother and I keep going out to run errands and go out to buy food or do other errands we have to do outside the house and we bring the virus.

Ssome minutes ago she asked me: Are you watching everyday the updates the government say on national TV about the crisis? I just reply to her "Well yes, but sometimes we forgot and we dont see the broadcast complete So my sister reply me: Watch it, to keep you inf from the real, official true source and do not become ignorants
My sister just told me that in my house we are ignorants, What should I do?
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