How do get over bad parenting?

My parents didn't have a clue what they were doing, and though wrapping me up in cotton wool was a good idea, I now am finding it hard to adjust to the real world. I can't get a job, and don't trust people, as my parents, would let me have friends when I was at school. Now I am older, I see that most of my problems are from over protective, and strict parenting. I wasn't allowed to go on dates until 25 years old. I am still not allowed to come home after 6pm. I am still living with them, because they made me too dependant. To the point I feel like I can't do anything without asking my parents first. I want to have a life of my own, but don't know how to go about it please help, and don't say leave, as my parents are a big part of my life and I will suffer. I need help to slowly become independent without hurting my parents.
7 mo
People on here telling me just up and leave don't seem to understand, that I have no where else to go, I will be homeless, with no job or no money. So I have to live with my parents until I can get my life sorted, as being homeless isn't really the life I had planned out for my future.
How do get over bad parenting?
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