Do you like cookouts? If not/so, why?

You don't have to watch this video, but it fueled this question.I've never really liked cookouts. Granted, I've only been to black ones so I can't speak on all types. But I think the biggest reason as to why I don't like them is that I've never really been the "sit around with a bunch of people while talking and eating" type of person. I've always been shy/reserved.

And I notice that I prefer social situations to be transactional in nature. But the thing they'd be giving me would have to be of high value in order for me to want to participate, otherwise, I'll feel like I'm wasting my time. And sure, there could be objectives that I could find like increasing my social skills or exposing myself to toxic people so that I could practice tolerating them. But, those aren't of high demand, so I'll never view them as something I can't eventually get done.

There are other factors like:
- The (possibly unsafe) food
- The noise (I have hyperacusis)
- The (annoying) bugs

But if the main factor wasn't a thing, I would most likely not view them as harshly as I do now. How do you feel about them?
Do you like cookouts? If not/so, why?
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