Why is she mad that my friends know her?

I met someone and things were going really great, spending a lot of time together, being close and she said she wants to be exclusive. She wanted me to call some of my friends the other day while she sat on my lap, and asked me about one of my friends. She asked me if my friend is related to someone she knew and i said yes, my friend is that person’s sister. When we talked about that, she said she didn’t want that person or my friend to know about us yet, because the person she knows is friends on social media with her child’s father. But made the offhand comment of “well, they will eventually find out anyway, but for right now i don’t want them to know.”
a couple days later, my friend asks me upfront if this woman is the person she knows, and says she used to watch her child at a daycare she worked at. I thought nothing of it, i just said yes. Then i told the woman I’m seeing that my friend knows. And she went off on me, said “i don’t know why you would tell them when i asked you not to. I don’t know why you tell people about your personal life.” And said she needed a break from talking for a while because she was about to have a panic attack and she’s dealing with enough as it is.
its not like i went to my friend and told her who she was. I kept that to myself, but I’m not going to make up some lie, that would eventually come out. So why is she like this? Did i lose a chance with her for something more?
Why is she mad that my friends know her?
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