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I have annoying, bratty, and spoiled step-kids. I don’t like them and I can’t wait to get out of this relationship. They are petty and they are spoiled…. they are given too much power. I understand my fiancé kids are his world but he has no boundary with them. His kids have talked back to him all of the time and tell him that they hate him and he just acts like that is normal. Tbh I'm not a fan of his parenting method and I don’t really want him to raise our kids the way that he has his (we were planning to have kids together). I want my own kids to show respect to their parents and if they show disrespect, they are punished. The sad thing is that I see me as a child in his kids. I used to behave just like them but I changed my behavior because of what my parents taught me as well as when reality hit me in the face. I shouldn’t be with a guy that already has kids. Once I get a job and find a place, I plan to move out. I plan to stay single because being in a relationship is a headache. This is the fourth engagement I have broken off.

P. S. He has this notion that his kids NEVER lie to him because they know better than that. Tbh I think this is bullshit!! I'm not saying his kids are liers but for him to think that his kids NEVER lie to him is ignorant and stupid. He'll believe anything that they say. I obviously wouldn't say this to his face (He has no idea of how I feel about his kids) because if I open my mouth to say anything about his kids that is negative, he gets angry, pissed off, and defensive.
Whats your opinion?
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