Why Is It Hard for Me to Make Friends?

Ever since I was young, it was hard for my sister and I to make friends. But when we moved to the south from the Midwest at the age of 11, it was even harder. We've been living in the south for about a decade and we're still having difficulties making new friends. Since day one, there has been rumors about us, assumptions and people that just act strange around us. Our cousin has even partaken in gossiping about us. Even though we are naturally shy (introverts) we force ourselves to go up to others and talk to people. In our area, it's quite cliquish! When we do, sometimes they're like... who are you and why are you talking to us. Of course they don't say that, but I know they think that. Then there are a few who a genuinely nice. We exchange numbers, but we're usually the ones making the initiative to talk to them or invite them places. And some of them don't even follow us back on insta. But what I'm trying to say is, how come it's so hard for us to make friends, even though we try to get to know others?
Why Is It Hard for Me to Make Friends?
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