My sister keeps referring to me as "Thicc" I hate it but I don't know how to let know why it upsets me?

Im very self conscious and insecure of my body. I've always been up and down with my weight.

Im a emotional eater whenever im feeling bad i eat as a distraction from my negative thoughts. Im not fat because im always yo-yo dieting. I can tell when im going to far and my family start to fat shame me which sounds bad but i know they do it out of love they don't realise it only makes things worse because i get upset and start feeling bad about myself again so reach fir the chocolate. They talk shit too and say i eat two ice-creams a day or bags of crisp when i don't and never have. They call me a secret eater too which im not.

My middle sister is slightly autistic and sometimes is to honest or doesn't know how to give compliments. She knows I've been down about my weight gain and she tells me im "thicc" i hate that words. She trys to convince me that's what guys like but it's not about what guys like. I dont like it when people call me "thicc" because i think it's sexual and some kind of word men with fat girl fetishism use.

I want to be seen as elegant and pretty. The kind of picture that comesto mind with the word "Thicc" doesn't match with elegant or pretty. I wouldn't even consider myself "Thicc" im in the middle. Im slightly on the chubby side but im good at hiding it.

I know by reading this people probably think im being over sensitive but my weight and body is something that im extremely sensitive about and she struggles understanding others issues and feelings. She just comes off insensitive. Sometimes she's one of the most understanding people i know but its difficult to explain. Sometimes she just comes off a massive bitch when she's actually trying to help.
My sister keeps referring to me as "Thicc" I hate it but I don't know how to let know why it upsets me?
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