Is my brother contradicting himself?

He's been complaining about no girl giving him the time of the day for 2 years already. He's nearly 19 and never had a date.

Yet, a former HS classmate finally spoke to him through whatsapp last week. The conversation ended shortly. He doesn't like her because it's not what he wants. He doesn't like non-white girls, latina immigrants with an accent (she's been learning English for 4 years now and tries her best) nor girls that come from a poor family. He looks down at poor people.
Another girl once tried talking to him but she was a bit chubby and had black hair. He doesn't like that either.

This is what he wants his first girlfriend to be like:
- Natural blonde or red-haired
- Only American and perfect English, no immigrants
- Very thin and into a sport.. basically a 8-10 in looks
- Pretty, white girl
- Neither she nor her family are poor
6 mo
Thing is my brother isn't all that. If I weren't his sister, in looks and personality I say he's like an average 6
Is my brother contradicting himself?
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