Was I wrong for saying this to my dad?

So, my dad was yelling at me for being spoiled and ungrateful. Apparently he’s told all his friends how ungrateful and spoiled I am. He then went onto say that as soon as I get situated with my life that he’s going to cut me off and never talk to me again. He’s said that to me before but I just never responded. The last time he said it to me I said “ok, that’s fine with me. I have other relatives that’ll be there for me.” Did I go to far in saying that? After I said that he looked a bit shocked and angry but then he went on to compare me to his friends kids (who are worse than me, they do drugs and crap but no I’m the spoiled one for focusing on school) my dad has anger issues and the whole family knows it. He really controlling and he never lets me leave the house without arguing with me. So because he’s always been like that I feel really unmotivated to do things, I’m surprised I got into university honestly. So was I wrong for saying that to him?
6 mo
I will say I am lazy sometimes. But it’s honestly because when I’m at home I feel so suppressed. At college I feel motivated to clean my room, go to the gym, study, hang out with friends, etc
Was I wrong for saying this to my dad?
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