Is my roommate wrong in this situation (since everyone else seems to think that I’m in the wrong)?

I hate my housemate. She’s messy and inconsiderate. Since I’ve living with her she’s

-left dishes in the sink for days
-made the bathroom messy
-doesn’t take out the trash
- hasn’t been putting the trash out on the curb on Fridays
-put the trash out on the curb when it was my week to do it and not hers (messing up the order)
-only locks one of the front door locks rather than both locks when she leaves and we could’ve been robbed (and I’m home by myself during the day)
-left her clothes in the dryer for a couple of days

I’ve talked to her about all these things and she’s apologized and corrected these things and they didn’t happen again. More recently, told her that I want to have separate shelves in the refrigerator and freezer because she doesn’t wear a mask during this coronavirus pandemic when she goes outside and I don’t want her touching my things when she goes in and out of the refrigerator. She has still somehow managed to touch my turkey roll, put her frozen pizza on the same shelf as mine in the freezer, and she put her container on one of my shelves. I confronted her about it and she denies doing it, but I know it was her because my other housemate said they didn’t do it and he doesn’t lie.

She then emailed the owner of the house and told her about the situation and that I’m constantly complaining about something and was wondering how to stop the constant conflicts. The owner requested that I come to her about my complaints regarding my housemate rather than confronting my housemate and said that I shouldn’t be assigning chores and regulating things
because she is the property owner. I then confronted my housemate and cursed her out because, I thought her actions were very cowardly and she’s crying to the owner about something so petty. I’ve always been nice and respectful towards her but I’m tired of her playing with me. To get back at her, I’ve been using her things, opened her package, and going in her room without permission.
Is my roommate wrong in this situation (since everyone else seems to think that I’m in the wrong)?
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