What should I do?

8 years ago my aunt had a party to celebrate the life of my cousin who had passed away.
Now I should mention that my aunt was adopted into my family z she has been there since I was born so I have considered her my aunt. .
So at this party was of course the family and friends. All the family was there, husband's kids, etc.
Once the party was over the family and myself of course stayed behind.
We drank some more and just hung out.
Later that night I was chilling out with my aunts daughters husband listening to music and just talking about anything.
My cousin's husband had a request to go get some McDonalds and I offered to come along to help carry some of the order. On our was back something felt strange, once we arrived back at my aunt's house, my cousin's husband put his hand on my thigh and kissed my neck and then tried to kiss me saying that he felt there was a "connection" I rushed in to the house, helped hand my cousin's their orders then proceeded in saying that I was tired and went to my room and layed on my bed wondering wtf just happened. There was a knock on my door but I didn't answer in case it was him.
This moment still sits on me and I wonder if I should have told my cousin or my aunt or maybe if I should tell my aunt today what happened even though it was 8 years ago and they are no longer together.
I honestly just don't know what I should do.
I sometimes get anxiety attacks thinking about it.
3 d
I do wish I told someone then but I didn't because I was too scared and suppressed the memory.
What should I do?
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