Have you ever been back stabbed by a family member?

I have and the girl who started it was my older sister.

Ever since we were little kids, she hated me with a burning passion.

It was her and my oldest sister who had talked bad about me.

Not only did they say the nastiest and most untrue things about me, they basically ruined my confidence.

Other things they did included:

-Throwing insults at me under their breath
-Shouting insults at me while I had my headphones in
-Giving me dirty looks (looking me up and down, glaring at me, exchanging glances, snickering)
-sabotaging me
-trying to convince my mother that I was dressing slutty to get the attention of my dad (which was bullsh#t!)
-embarrassing and humiliating me in any way they could in front of others
-attempting to get my mom on their side (which never happened because my mom isn't stupid)
-making fun of me behind my back
- making me look and feel like a bad person
-playing mind games
-gas lighting me
-spying on me
-Using personal information against me
-discrediting me from my achievements and shooting me down anytime I did something great
-making fun of anything I liked
-breaking my trust and revealing my secrets
-taking secret pictures of me (ones where I had not looked the best)

So, they basically hated me, for what reason I don't know. They always act as if they know something I don't. What could that possibly be?
Have you ever been back stabbed by a family member?
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