Is it wrong to take money from family?

I've always been raised to not take money from no one except from if it was a birthday or Christmas. My grandma would always have to much change in her purse and would try to give me and my siblings it as children and tell us to buy sweets with it. My dad would always tell us "no give your grandma the money back".

I've never owned anyone money besides my mum or sister and its only ever been a small amount when i didn't have change on me but anyone else I've ever owned its been like £2 at most and I've soon paid it off.

Right now im unemployed as i lost my job due to the virus and my mum is letting me off paying board money. I've been trying so hard to get a job as i hate not being a provider to the family. I sometimes help around the house but it's still not good enough.

My boyfriend on the other is self employed and his family are always giving him money in hard times. I justify it as he's a soul caring to his family. he's always cooking, driving people around, doing their shopping, cleaning, bills. You name it he does it for bouth his own household and his grandparents.

His grandad used to be very high up in the police and is very wealthy because of it as well his dad as he used to be a international salesman before he got dementia so bouth have very big pensions. His business has been struggling lately so his grandad has decided whatever is left is in his pension he will give to my boyfriend to help him survive.

I can't help but get confused over the morals of it all. On one hand he is the man of the house and he will inherit most of it anyway one day but on the other hand he wouldn't be struggling as much if he was managing his money abit better and stopped his mum buying fancy over priced food and having a tone of TV subscriptions and phone contacts.

I know its none of my business but it just doesn't sit well with me and makes me feel uncomfortable. Knowing when were out on dates he's probably paying with his grandads or mum's money. I feel slightly guilty.
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his mum even offered to pay for us to go on holiday once were aloud to. I instantly said no. i don't want to have to feel constantly in debt to someone.

I don't like posting these type of questions about my boyfriend. I love him very much and he's a really amazing person, im never gonna leave him but sometimes we disagree on things and no one's prefect.
Is it wrong to take money from family?
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