Stolen by mother unsure how to deal with this?

here's the thing, When i was 13 my mother technically took me back from my dad, it was meant to last 2 days but ended up being 6 or 8 months.

Every time the topic came up of being going back home my mother would be like "dont you want to spend time with me" or "Sick of the kids already" I was basically put on kid watch for most of it, she made me fix her front garden, took me out into London with a bike, she drove home forced me to "learn to ride the bike" back home or sleep on the street, happening every night, forced to sleep on the floor with a pillow as both pillow and blanket. I never really dealt with it because most of my time growing up i suppressed that shit down to this day i barely remember most of the months that year is just patchy and blank because its all suppressing but every now and then i remembered about it and it just honestly confusing me if anything

Should I be more concerned with this maybe seek out professional help or just continue in blissful half ignorance of the fact that i was possible kidnapped by my own mother?
Stolen by mother unsure how to deal with this?
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