I'm passionately upset about my birth control?

I've had the IUD since 2019. I got the Mirena which lasts for five years. I honestly wanted the paraguard which lasts for 10 years. I am 23 years old and I got it when I was 22, so the difference is 27 years old to 32 years old.

My gyno didn't want to give me the paraguard because she says I might change my mind before I'm 32. I've googled that gynos will not "fix" a young woman due to immense regret she might have when she actually is ready to have children.

The truth is this world has a lot of children. And not all of them are being helped. Kids need a lot of stuff, but if you're going to forget about the ones already born and keep reproducing, it's like we'll never catch up. I wanted kids when i was sort of the only child in my immediate family, but once my uncles started having kids, and they're all younger than me. I don't want to be too busy with my own family to not have time and resources for them most importantly, they might do their own thing and for this reason people are less reluctant to lean on big families because their plate is full, they're always tired, they're always needing something that they can't do now cause their excuse is their children. I don't think I'm supposed to be a mother of an unborn child but a mother figure for my young nieces and nephews.

Am I too young and talking shit or am I really going to "feel differently" when I'm older?
I'm passionately upset about my birth control?
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