What should I do?

My best guy friend and I have known each other for about 2 years and we became super close. I was there for him through a lot of his shit and he has stuck by me through a lot, including cutting off my friendship with a toxic mutual friend and other stuff. I have a lot of issues from my childhood and stuff so that makes me tend to assume the worst case scenario, apologize all the time, think my words have no value and be a little reluctant to trust people. We have lived together twice and he had become one of the few people I trusted and actually talked about my life and my issues with. He also happened to get the brunt of some of my issues a lot of the time and I know that that annoyed him.
We had to move back to our homes from university (15 hours apart), which I do not do well with as it is the source of most of my issues and he knew that. Well as time went on with us being home from university, I got more depressed and he wouldn't really talk to me much and would only call me about our online classes. This made me feel like I was being used, and when I mentioned it to him/confronted him about it he got very mad at me. I will admit that I definitely overreacted, because it wasn't like all we talked about was class, once we were on the phone, we would talk for hours about random things going on in our lives.
This caused a huge blow out because I have had issues with trusting him before (unsupported by any of his actions) and I guess this was the last straw or something. He basically said that he was "done explaining himself" and told me to "fuck off." I asked if we were just not friends anymore and he didn't answer. So I waited until the next day and tried to message him to see if we could talk and he ignored me once again. I tried again the day after that and was ignored once again. It has now been a few days since that and I don't know if I should try contacting him again or just wait for if/when he decides to reach out.
What should I do?
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