How can I stop feeling defeated in this situation?

So my sister got mad at me for taking my socks back from her that she took from me. She went on to talk badly about my relationship to my mom saying all kinds of hurtful things to make me feel insecure in my relationship. We didn’t talk for a while after that. She came in my room to make up. I expressed to her how I didn’t appreciate the things she said about me including her assuming that I didn’t get my dad a Father’s Day gift. She also said that I must think she is my competition because I took her off my page.

She then got defensive once I confronted her on all these things. She began to talk as if she was not sorry for anything she said. She even said that I am jealous for taking her off her page. I explained to her that her content is negative and that’s why took her off. She wasn’t trying to hear that and kept saying that I’m jealous. So I told her that my mom told me that she wants my life. She got so upset and called my mother to confirm.

My mother did confirm it that she wanted to get pregnant by her ex and she went ballistic and started calling me out of my name and said that I’m pregnant out of wedlock, that my mom said I would try to talk to one of her ex bfs, that my boyfriend treats me like a hoe, and many more mean things thatAren’t true. We didn’t talk for a long time after that cause I was so hurt by her saying I’m pregnant out of wedlock while I’m pregnant. I felt bad for telling her what my mom said. During our time of not talking I kept feeling like i should say something to her. So I did but now I feel weird around her and I don’t feel like I should trust her. She apologized and said that if she was pregnant she would not care who it was by and she would be proud/confident. It’s not the same anymore for me. I am still hurt by her saying that I’m pregnant out of wedlock even though I initiated our reunion. I need help. I kinda feel like I was being weak when I forgave her but still feel like it was the right thing to do.
Heartless or weak?
How can I stop feeling defeated in this situation?
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