What would you say if a guy you liked ended up, marrying your best friend?

I have 2 friends that are arguing because they both liked the same guy. This guy picked my friend A. J to be his girlfriend 2 years ago, and now my other friend T. W is mad at her. A. J say that he choose her and she liked him back. Which is true. Yet, T. W really liked this guy and blames A. J for not rejecting him. I know A. J liked this guy and he likes her too. Yet, I know the reason why T. W is acting this way. She has liked this guy, before he even met A. J, she was hoping he would eventually fall for her, but that didn't happen, as he fell for her best friend A. J. I just don't know what to do, A. J has asked me to ask me to ask T. W to be her bridesmaids. I am also a bridesmaid, but T. W and A. J are closer to each other, it's been a 2 years and they haven't stopped arguing. I have tried to talk to T. W, but I can't seem to get her to see reason. I want to know if anyone can give me an insight into why T. W is acting like this, maybe I can get through to her before the wedding in 2 months. After all A. J and T. W have been friends since they we 4 years old, I became their friend at the age of 7 and have never seen them disagree on anything before. T. W has know this guy for 5 years and A. J 3 and half years. Yet, he never saw T. W as anything other than a friend. I have know this guy for 13 years. I was the one who introduced him to my friends, A. J could hangout with us the first 1 and half years as she was overseas studying, so when she came back and met he the got along and now this mess has started. He's told T. W that he only ever though of her as a friend and likes A. J and yet she still won't accept it. I feel she just doing this to make A. J unhappy as they have been friends too long and she feels A. J betrayed her, which I know isn't true. I just wondering is she going to ignore A. J for the rest of her life and even miss the wedding. I hope their is something that can be done. To fix this any suggestions. Also please no unhelpful or rude answer.
What would you say if a guy you liked ended up, marrying your best friend?
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