Chores... How much was your allowance and do you pay your kids for them?

When you were growing up did you have chores? Were you responsible for taking care of certain things around the house? Did you get allowance? And if so how much? What is a good allowance these days for those chores and responsibilities? Did having them teach you values for later in life and if so what are they?

I was the first grandchild born. I have 5 half siblings but was raised as an only child in my household. I was a spoiled ass child!!! I had chores and responsibilities like dishes, cleaning, dusting, and taking care of the family pets.. but I was given a hefty allowance. $100 a week included my school lunches and to spend on recreation. (Bowling, skating, ice cream...) And $50 for the weekend. I know that was definitely too much and my parents told me flat out that they purposefully spoiled me so that when I found "the one" it would be a must that he spoiled me too. so that they knew I wouldn't settle for less and be well taken care of. And I definitely did. I'm 36 and my parents still spoil me. They still pay my phone bill and make sure I don't go without when we get tight on $. My husband has offered them to get a different phone plan for just him and I but they refused. And whenever I need a new one they buy it. But I don't take advantage and I always try to get the cheapest one. I hardly ever ask for help. When I do ask for like $30-$50 my mom always goes above and beyond and puts double in my account. Are they in the wrong for still paying for my phone? And if you were able to financially would you still do it for your children well after they no longer lived at home?
Chores... How much was your allowance and do you pay your kids for them?
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