A good friend of mine blocked me over money?

I have a friend from 3 years , we weren’t good friends first but this year we hung out a lot and he’s a friend of my boyfriend. I would complain to him about my boyfriend when we were in bad terms and he would know a lot about me that no one knows. He would support me and talk to me and was a good friend to me and always told me the friendship is lasting forever. So he is out of job and I would always lend him money when he asked for it, and even when I had 20$ for the entire month I gave him the 20$ and I was hungry for 2 weeks and only ate at work so he can pay his bills. His sister always asks for money and I would help the both of them a lot. Two days ago he asked for 100$ And I didn’t even have 5$ in my account and told him I can’t give him anything then he asked again and I told him I’m I really can’t maybe the next month, he just blocked me out of the blue. I don’t know how to react. I’m scared he would tell my boyfriend fake stories about me and spread false rumors about me because of it. What should I do?
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And yes last month he told me he was going to pay back some money but he never did just kept asking for more
A good friend of mine blocked me over money?
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