How can I escape if I have no money?

The towns I have lived in have become ghost towns and for some reason it feels like people I never talk to have found ways to make me lose my shit because I dont want to talk to them because they are moraless and evil people and essentially as a christian evil for me to hang out with and against my religion to become involved with unless I am trying to point them to god.

However, whre I have lived I graduated so I have no money and no longer the cushiony dorms with security. I have lived in appartments and at each place they are on the lower end and the men and women that live there and around there have decided to somehow make it so I feel this awful buzzing on my head and then I begin to hear voices and things or mistakes I made in my past repeated or echoed to me. All of my friends have parents to give them money. I went to private school on a scholarship and they began feeling bad or tired of me complaining vs enjoying our friendship but I was so stressed I couldn't and it drove me away.

I got 3 jobs, and at all of my jobs my managers or co workers plotted to have me fired. For fake reasons and mostly because I look attractive and seem sound at mind and happy working and good at working. So, they would get jelaouse guess. I see why he did now.

Anyway, I have been through more than 1 percent of people, I can't even tell you. But now people 30 plus have tried to harass me personally each day. I normally have places I go that cheer me up and where i meet people but theyve been closed and im justnow realizing I should try to take part in online things.

I only have like 500 dollars, a deceased parent who took care of me, my other parent who refuses to acknowledge my situation or what she has to do with it because its really partially her fault. And I hear voices now, that seem to give me stomache aches headaches and buzz my rear when ever I try to do somethings.

I really wish I had actually been rich or that my dad did more before he passed. I see why he did now..
How can I escape if I have no money?
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