Not so much a question, just a funny little FML story for y'all?

So, like most parents, you have those days where from the moment you get up in the morning and hear those little feet pattering against the floor demanding breakfast and attention you want to jump in a hole and pretend you dont exist. Well, today is one of those mornings.

So, I wake up to the 3 kids screaming at 6am this morning, over electronics. I calmly told them to knock it off or the electronics were going up for the day. They whine, obviously, because why not? I take this moment to peer into my bedroom and watch my husband peacefully snoozing away, completely out of touch with the absolute shit show around him and feel resentment toward this sleeping beast, wishing it were me.

Day goes on. Kids are still fighting, over nothing at this point. So, me, being an adult, decide to take my lazy ass to the kitchen and pour myself some ever so sweet rose vodka right into my coffee cup at 10am (mom of the year, how you doing?) At this very moment my oldest son (13) comes in yelling about a slow wifi connection and not being able to play Fortnite with his little chums.

I turn to him and say "Back in my day we didn't even have electronics. We had to go outside and play with dirt." (I have accepted that I am this old and have now started using this once loathed statement). I go to the porch, sporting my coffee mug. Every 5 seconds it seems one of my gremlins come barreling ass through the door screaming or demanding something. At this point, what else can I do besides cry, right? Ha!

Needless to say, my babies dont like seeing me cry and I now have all 3 of these precious souls waiting on my every move. I thought they were doing it out of love..

Well, husband is awake now and asks our oldest what is wrong, because why ask me, right? His response was "Well, we woke her up by screaming so now she is giving us a dose of our own medicine by being a whine ass. So I'm trying to do things for her to make her stop because its annoying." Alrighty then.
Not so much a question, just a funny little FML story for y'all?
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