What are your thoughts?

I have stayed with family friends almost all my life after dad failed to provide for me and they agreed to take me in. They gave me everything financially and all i am toyalky indebted though they dnt have any blood relations but did it as they were old friends of dads. But last year they took me to an office party and a senior of theirs had a fancy for me and asked them if he could take me out. They didn't tell me until he asked again n told me not to feel bad n i could say no.. They told me they would instead ask him to come and meet me at the house n have dinner with me. So i agreed though in two minds. They told him n he sent a dress for me to wear on the day. The dress was revealing n i was reluctant n even they were a bit reluctant as they didn't allow their daughter to wear revealing nor me. I still wore it thinking about them and did the meet. Was it okay for me to do it?
What are your thoughts?
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