Parents vs Child argument?

Hey guys, last week my mother and I got into a physical altercation over some homework. I needed help on some homework and my mom helps me but at the very end of the conversation she say “hurry up and get out of my face because I have shit to do” my dad says “you need to chill out she only asked for help.” My proceeds to call me out of my name (bitches, hoe, slut, and etc) and she say “fuck her” and I turn around and say “man fuck you , you tripping” and she literally throws my laptop down the stairs. Punches me in the face and lip, along with telling me I’m not shit as a daughter and etc. So she puts her finger in my face and punches me in the face and I start fighting her back and she winds up kicking me out the house. It’s been a week now I’ve reached out to her and I tried calling her and she doesn’t want to be bothered with me so I don’t know what else to do... any tips?
Parents vs Child argument?
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