Did my mother fail me?

I only stopped shoplifting last year after getting caught and being forced to do community service hours, paying a fine and nearly losing my scholarship. I was told that next time is 6 months jail time. My boyfriend and best friend think my mother failed me by not punishing me immediately. I don't recall ever getting tough love from her.

Flashback to 2006:
- That was the very first time I stole something and knew it was wrong. I was then 7 and stole a small tattoo package, candies and cherry lip gloss. I hid them on my jacket and walked away with my mother. After 30-40 minutes, mom was taking me out to eat at Wendy's (my favorite place) and I accidentally took off my jacket. She only gave a small lecture on how it's wrong to steal and just don't do it again.
- I continued stealing things for no reason. In 5th grade, mom got a call from school about me stealing someone's homework, taking it home, and copying from that. Somehow the teacher noticed, even though I only changed some words on my paper. What did mom do? Some lecture on how it wasn't right what I did and nothing else. The topic was forgotten quickly.
- Over the years I would steal and cheat on some exams but got sneakier and didn't get caught anymore until last year.
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2 mo
Even when I stole, she still took me to Wendy's. Both my boyfriend and friend claimed I got so lucky my mother only gave me a quick lecture... their mothers would've really punish them good to the point they would be scared of trying to steal or cheat on exams again.
Did my mother fail me?
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