What was your funniest emergency?

Yeah usually they are not fun, because peoppe get hurt. So I will explain what I mean with an example: a few weeks ago me and my friends went to a holiday. On the way home we stopped on a fast food restaurant to eat something. Seems like my body had an issue with it, because like 30 minutes after it was like someone pulled a switch and I really had to go to toilet. But we were on a big highway and no toilets nearby. So I told the driver to immediatly pull over. He asked if I'm sure and looked in my eyes. Then he pulled over because he saw that I am not joking. I did my thing then between the opened front and rear door to get some cover.

At first I felt really ashamed to this, but a few minutes later we laughed and I think it's funny. Did something like ever happened to you?
What was your funniest emergency?
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