Am I wrong for refusing to take him to work?

My little brother just got a job
he can’t drive yet.

My mom’s been taking him, but she has bad health & would prefer me to drive him, but I can’t.

I have work myself.
I get off at 4 - 5 in the morning, & fall asleep around 7 - 8.
He clocks in at 11:00 Am.

I can’t be responsible for his attendance..
How can they put that on me without even asking? I can’t... That sounds very stressful.

Im not a morning person at all, that’s why I work so late..
Plus I’m going to start college soon..

i have a busy schedule..
I can’t babysit that child..

All he does is spend his money on weed anyway, I’m not letting them do that to me.
he's going to have to learn to drive or Catch the bus
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Am I wrong for refusing to take him to work?
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