Do I leave the friend group and block them or not?

last night i had yet another mental breakdown about the same thing and impulsively decided to block everyone of the same friendship group. felt instant relief, cried it out and went to sleep and when i woke up i was fine but decided to message one of them. there's 5 of them in total, 3 who i dont talk to much, 1 who is at least once a week and one is pretty much everyday all day.

the situation is that i have a past with this friendship group which has traumatised me. it wasn’t with these people directly- but someone from the larger group (im not sure who exactly it was but it could be anyone of 15 people) anyway, its been nearly a year and the situation still haunts me and gives me huge panic attacks because it could happen again and i’d have no way to stop it. i cut off everyone from the previous group except those 5 people. now i feel as though i need to cut them off too in order to move on and not look back. the problem is im not sure if i should or not? on one hand these people haven’t done anything to hurt me directly (except one of them) so there isn’t really a reason i should take it out on them. on the other hand i feel as though the only way to get away from the situation is to get away from the people. see no evil hear no evil - if the situation did arise again it would be an ignorance is bliss thing because they can't tell me and i wouldn’t know.
also the one person i talk to everyday is the person who previously hurt me - (who says they changed now but you never know really) i’m not sure if i have an actual attachment to them or if its more my latest hyperfixation.

either way- what would you do? simply having them on my socials gives me anxiety but i also see no reason for why it should because i dont talk to them most of the time anyway.

* im sorry if none of this is clear i’m trying to explain it in a way where it doesn’t give too much information but i’ll answer any questions*
Do I leave the friend group and block them or not?
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