How do I encourage my boyfriend to better his relationship with his dad?

I love my boyfriend so much and he genuinely is one of sweetest people you will ever come across but his relationship with his dad is sometimes very upsetting. I know it's not my place to say, especially when me and my own dad aren't always on the best of terms especially this year are relationship has unfortunately got a bit rocky but i still try to get on and care about his feelings and appreciate all the good things he's done for me.

My boyfriend on the other hand, his dad is ex army and used to be a international sales man and wasn't around much during his childhood. He had him with his mother when they were both in their mid to late 30s. Whilst growing up, my boyfriend pretty much saw his grandad as his male role model. My boyfriends dad never knew who his dad was and grew up very troubled.

His dad had always had a drinking problem and was abit too aggressive when it came to telling off. I think the final nail in the coffin was when my boyfriends mother got breast cancer and his dad started drinking again which left my boyfriend to be man of the house from a very young age.

His dad now has dementia, depression and diabetes all caused from the drinking. He's very forgetful now and clingly. He asks a lot of silly questions and acts dishonest. The thing is my boyfriend can't control his temper when around him and sometimes is very disrespectful towards him. I've tried telling my boyfriend to be nicer to his dad before but he says i don't have to live with it 24/7 which i understanble.

The thing is my boyfriend has a down syndrome uncle and volunteers with people with learning and behaviour disabilities which would make me think he could be more understanding with his dad. His dad has said and done some very hurtful things but he needs to remember his dad is sick and he's gonna reject hating him once he's gone.
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For example, the other my boyfriend wanted to take me fishing. Just me and him. His dad invited himself and next door who also has dementia without asking us first and booked us all in without telling us.

My boyfriend just wanted a nice, peaceful day with me teaching me how to fish not having to worry about his dad. My boyfriends mum was so mad with him and shouted at the dad when she found out he'd invited himself.
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It doesn't help now the tables have turned were my boyfriend is the bigger one who control his dads money and his dad is small in height and mind is like a misbehaving child's at times. I can see why my boyfriend has lost respect for his dad but it still not a good thing. Especially with the depression, i worry one day boyfriend will say something really bad and his dad will do something stupid
How do I encourage my boyfriend to better his relationship with his dad?
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